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January 2, 2018 admin Buy Cipla Diazepam


imagesThe UN Peacekeepers will be sent to quell violence in Chicago. This is the claim that many are making. There have been many sightings of UN vehicles in the United States over the past years. The claims that UN Peacekeepers will come in and take over the United States have been promoted by sites like  Buying Valium Online Is It LegalBuy Valium Visa, Buy Diazepam Msj, and Real Valium Online. What sparked this conversation to resurface was the announcement of Buy Real Diazepam Uk by Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin.

boykin un post

Boykin also spoke with the Valium Online Europe and stated the following when questioned about welcoming in foreign troops from the United Nations

“I’m talking about whoever the U.N. would decide to send in,”

and also stated

 if the soldiers were instead wearing the sky blue helmets of United Nations peacekeepers there might not be such a problem

Although we have verified the above quotes, when fact checked using Valium 2Mg Online they returned a rating of this being aCan You Buy Valium In Koh Samui It may be false that any plans have been made for UN troops to go into Chicago, but it is true that the Commissioner does not mind having them present. What are your thoughts, should the UN be allowed or petitioned to help with the crisis in Chicago?