About Us


About Us

Littlerocknews.org is dedicated to getting important information disseminated to the people of Arkansas. We report information from sources such government websites, mainstream media, and non profit organizations. We have a major focus on the politics and legislative actions of the State of Arkansas but also include sections such as local entertainment and legal discussion topics.

We also provide legal support and research through The Littleton Group, LLC legal preparation department. This service is provided by our sister company TLG, LLC. If you need help with legal research, court rules and procedure, or preparation of legal documents this could become a huge time saving and inexpensive alternative to attempting to do it all yourself.

Contact Us

There are a few ways you can connect with us. Lets take a look:

  • Facebook     LittlerocknewsInc
  • Twitter          @littlerocknews1
  • Email              staff@littlerocknews.org
  • Phone             (501) 207- 0455


Q: I signed up why can't i login?

A: Make sure you use a valid email address. Check your email for your password. Copy and paste the email you have been sent. After you login you can change your password to suit you.

Q: Why can't I comment on the forum?

A: You must be signed in to comment on forums and posts. Make sure you are signed in before commenting.

Q: Why did my lawyer tell me not to believe what people post in your forum?

A: There is no way to know if the posts in the forum have been left by licensed attorneys.When conducting legal analysis and research for your situation, you should always consult an attorney or proceed at your own risk.


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