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IMG-028450107Two victims were shot and killed at the Campbell Hall dormitory. James Eric Davis Jr has been named the suspect in the shooting.The suspect was last seen wearing mustard yellow jeans and a blue hoodie. All surrounding schools are now in “secure mode”. No one is allowed to enter or leave the schools. Gov Rick Snyder stated that the priority right now is the safety of those still on the campus. If you have any information about the suspect please call the Mount Pleasant Police Department (989-779-5100)or the Campus Police(989-774-3081).

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85219Justice is served for the family of Korryn Gaines. In 2016 Gaines was killed by police after they illegally entered her home. A standoff which lasted for 6 hours ended with Gaines losing her life and her infant son (whom was in her arms at the time of the incident) being injured.

32 million will be given to Kodi Gaines, the son who was injured. His sister, Karsyn will receive 4.5 million. Gaines father is to receive 300,000 and her mother will get 307,000. The remaining 300,000 will go to the estate.

So many cases like this are swept under the rug. Although we know this will not bring Korryn back, its good to know that the courts acknowledge this as unacceptable behavior.

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North LIttle Rock High School Facebook Page received a threatening message around 10:40am. The North Little Rock Police Department are very aware of this incident and an investigation is underway.The individuals profile name is Steven Smith. Parents are advised to monitor students page if they have access to Facebook. Please contact North Little Rock Police Department if you have any information that could help this investigation.

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Bobby McCallister, better known as the former Saline County Judge, was sentenced to four years of probation. McCallister was accused of not filing his tax returns for the years of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. He admitted to this during his divorce case and was immediately suspended. Along with the four year probation, McCallister was ordered to pay a $1,500 fine. Governor Hutchinson named Barbara Webb to replace McCallister until someone else is elected.Image result for bobby mcCallister

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From the moment i walked into GK’s restaurant i could feel the southern hospitality. My party and i were greeted at the door by Alfred Austin, who just so happens to be the owner. He showed us the layout of the foods that they were serving for that day and politely seated us. The staff was just as courteous. They checked on us regularly and our cups were never empty. Overall i had a great experience.

If you are dining in the PIne Bluff area and would like to stop by the hours of operation are Monday – Sunday 10am – 9pm. Happy hour is from 5pm-7pm. The menu changes continuousIy, but if you would like to know what the menu for the day is, the contact number is as follows: 870.619.1071. IMG_0155 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0154 IMG_0153 IMG_0152

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By now i’m sure you have heard the great news of OJ “the juice” Simpson being granted parole. When the name OJ SImpson is brought up in conversation it is usually in connection to a murder trial that he was acquitted of in 1995. The murders were that of his ex wife Nicole Simpson, and good friend Ronald Goldman. Although he was acquitted most felt as if he did have some type of connection in the murder case, and deserved punishment.

Simpson was later sentenced to 33 years when he was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. Because of his race and social standing this comes at no surprise. According to Huffington Post, when a black person commits a crime they are more likely to be convicted than when a white person commits a crime.

Simpson was a model inmate while serving his time and even completed anger management courses. When the question of what Simpson will do once he got out came up, his former manager replied “The first thing he’ll do is eat sushi and probably a steak”. Although we are not for certain what he will do when he gets out, we are certain he will be released in October!