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Rescind-to withdraw (an offer or contract)


Cindy offers to buy a property from Bill. Before Bill accepts the offer, Cindy rescinds it. Since Bill hadn’t accepted the offer, Cindy is not obligated to follow through on the purchase.

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steven killer 2                  steven killer

Social Media:  The Platform for Attention


Social media use to be a great way to stay in touch with old friends, find new family members, and network with others who share common interests. Although it still is a great way to accomplish these things, Social media sites have started to become a breeding ground for violence, online predator’s, online bullying, scams, deceit, and those seeking attention because they know others are watching. It is as disturbing as the Movie Untraceable, where involves a serial killer who rigs contraptions that kill his victims based on the number of hits received by a that features a live streaming video of the victim. Millions of people log on, hastening the victims’ deaths.

Steve ‘Stevie Steve’ Stephens, who recently posted a video to Facebook after he murdered an elderly man, is a great example of someone who needs the approval of others and uses social media to do it. Stevie stated on Facebook live that he was having problems with his girlfriend, Joy Lane, and just woke up one Friday and couldn’t take it anymore. It is unclear to me how someone (girlfriend, mom, etc.) could push you to the point of wanting to randomly take that out on the love ones of others.  This is an act of cowardly emotional behavior. He was literarily whining about how no one cares about him and how much he lost in gambling and how his girlfriend is driving him crazy. Pathetic how he does not have enough inner courage to say, forget her and find another girl who won’t drive him to the point of murdering someone’s grandfather. In my opinion, men, especially those of color, are not allowed to exhibit this kind of behavior and especially over a woman that you are tired of dealing with the obvious stupidity the two of them have in common. After the incident on facebook, Stevie has fled the state and was last seen in Philadelphia. According to NBC, “Philadelphia police put eight elementary schools and a high school on lockdown midday Monday as they looked into reports of the Cleveland Facebook shooting suspect being in the Fairmount Park area.

Police stressed in a short news release that as of 1:30 p.m. there was “no indication that that subject is in the (Belmont) Plateau area.” Police had received multiple 911 calls around 12:30 p.m. indicating that the suspect, Steve Stephens, could be in the large urban park.”

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It took Wesley Scott Alexander only hours to make a make a GoFundme page and has raised over $28,000. Although I want to encourage support of the family, We must remember how people set up GoFundme pages and in the end never do anything to help the family. At the bottom of the gofundme page, Alexander states that “I am working with GoFundMe to make contact with the family as we speak. GoFundMe will ensure all funds are directly deposited into the victims’ bank account.” I don’t think that GoFundMe makes you give the money to anyone else if you start the campaign, although you are allowed start campaigns for friends and family.


Social Media is being used to get attention from others. Unfortunately, there are many people who use these platforms for attention seeking and do the vilest things to get the attention they so desperately need. Well I say it’s a pathetic and selfish act.

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Earlier this week Pepsi released a controversial commercial poking fun at the Black Lives Matter movement. In the infamous commercial which starred Kendal Jenner, It was clear that some sort of protest was going on. Jenner, who was in a photoshoot at the time,quickly left to see what all the commotion was about. When she realized it was a protest she instantly grabbed a Pepsi and handed it to the rather calm police officers Simultaneously the protest ended and it was a celebration. It seems as if Pepsi doesn’t know how serious this issue is. People of color are loosing their lives everyday due to the negligence of police officers. Is this something that could be solved simply by drinking a Pepsi? If someone had just given Sandra Bland a Pepsi maybe she would still be alive.Jenner

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rhoaHow can you accuse someone of being a lesbian (or in the closet) when you are a closet lesbian yourself? Well, that’s exactly what Porsha did in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. During dinner, Marlow asked Kandi if she swam in the lady pond. Everyone at the table was in complete shock and wondered where this information came from. Porsha was the ring leader. So you can only imagine the look on everyone’s face when Sheree revealed that the person who had been talking about Kandi and her sexual preference was none other than Porsha herself. Phaedra, who also spoke on Kandi’s sexual preference in another conversation, sat nervously hoping no one would bring up her name as well.

The two ladies, Porsha and Kandi, met up for lunch at a later date to discuss what went on at the dinner. Things got heated and secrets were disclosed like: Porsha did have sex with Kandi’s “baby daddy”, Todd and Kandi indulge in threesomes, and Porsha tongue kissed Kandi and entertained the idea of performing oral sex.

During this episode, we also learned that Apollo and Phaedra’s divorce is FINAL! Todd, Porsha’s new boyfriend was fired from his job. Riley is disappointed in her dad for not hanging out with her. According to the definition of her fellow cast mates, Cynthia wonders if she is a lesbian.

This is getting way too good to miss! Leave your comments below, tell me what you think!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on BRAVO on Sunday 8 pm…..ET

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Saracen_Landing_004_mPine Bluff residents have been working hard for over a year on recommendations. These recommendations would make the quality of life better for not only residents of Pine Bluff but anyone passing through. Mary Pringos, chairwoman of the task force, estimated that this plan will take at least two years. The pillars created by this plan include but are not limited to economic development, infrastructure, education, and quality of life. Pringos stated, “It’s important for people to see change on the front end.” Although we know that this will not happen overnight, it’s an operation that is long overdue.