Charles E. Turner Sr. Story

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a veteran that put this on social media, and apparently Face book thought it was not appropriate so Face book deleted the post, I believe Face Book takes action in the wrong way, they do as they please they violate freedom of speech. This needs to stop. As you may know or not Face book has no call center to talk to a human This is A story n being, my question is why, with all the billions of dollars he makes. you choose and comment.

Charles E. Turner Sr.

On November 5th I felt a burning in my knees, (I have had total knee replacement of both knees twice for a total of four surgeries on my knees.) I disregarded the burning in my knees as a sign in the change of the weather. Waking up on the 6th the burning was a little worse. At about 10:00 am the burning was extreme so I took a pain pill. At about 2:00 in the afternoon the burning had spread to every bone in my body as well as the muscles. I barely had enough strength to grab my cane and get to my walker. I called my wife Marchetia at work and she came home and took me to the ER at VA, I was sitting in the ER rubbing my burning body but it still took forever to get in, Once I got in the Nurse took my Vitals and was then sent back to the waiting room (the ER was almost empty, I reported all this to the Patient advocate), finally I get taken to a room, I set there listening to the doctor going room to room telling the nurse they had arthritis and to give them a shot, he finally got to me, he pushed on my elbows and knees and the was all he did, he told the nurse it was arthritis and to give me a shot, he said it was the stuff they use before surgery and told my wife I would be out for a couple days, the shot helped some making me very goofy but wore off shortly after we got home. The pain is indescribable. The next morning Friday 11/7/2014 I called my doctor at the VA, I was unable to get an appointment until Wednesday 11/11/2014 because the were closed on Veterans day. I must say my doctor Dr. Welch at the Newburg Clinic checked me from head to toe, he was stumped so he ordered labs for everything, they took many many vials of blood, he said it would take a while for the results to come back. He raised the strength of my pain medicine which has helped some and I take it 4 times a day. I am scheduled for a CT scan this Friday at 7:30 am for my head, they are also scheduling me for a cognitive test which I do not have a date for yet. I have become very forgetful. I am in so much pain it is beyond description, I don’t know how long I can take it.



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