The Hollywood Star girl games-keep in touch with the famous couple star

11313096212_hugh-laurie4.jpgMaybe you will see that for famouse stars,it is hard to have a quiet enviroment for themselves to live,there own life always be reported by the reporter.what is a pity,they can’t do what they like and what they want,of course this is my own view,,maybe they enjoy the life like that,I also feel happy when they married with each other,it is so hard thing to be married for the famouse we should give fives to them.
Now you  can keep in touch with the lovely,perhaps I can say that,and pretty,fashion couple star,it is true!you can play the most fashion Hollywood Star girl games now,you can also dress up and make up for them,which listens cool,let have a try?!
When you start the girl games,you will find it so happy that see the two pretty person are there and they can be couple,Huh,let us begain now!
Firstly,it is the hairstyle,that you can choose the right ones for the woman and then for the handsome man,it is so excited to see that both of them are very pretty and famouse,and you can also change the color of the hair,then is the masacara and the eyeshadow,the eye color and also the rouge,the lipstick,you will see the wonderful result in the end.
In the couple girl games,you can find that the most important thing is tha tyou can do what you like for the famouse couple and keep in touch with them,it is cool,isn’t it,maybe you can think so then.have a good time here by playing famouse couple girl games!

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  1. Nik, you’re an idiot for encouraging this woman and women who soruppt this type of uniformed ideology. These games are given an M for mature rating for a very specific reason, it caters to that inner child who grew up with those hardcore action movies of the past, the same movies they seem to produce in the present and no doubt movies they movies they’ll produce in the future. To suggest a game, which parents have all ability to deny their children the benefit of owning, can turn your everyday f ked average child into a crazy ass Batman theater shooter is ridiculous. Why not blame masterbation for rape, childhood P.E. classes for child molestation, or why not blame the god damn Discovery Channel for beastiality? Seems fair enough, don’t ya think? Or are drugs and alcohol a better example of age restrictions..

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